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2019 - 2020

Single Mothers

One of the most socially vulnerable groups in Mongolia is single mothers. We empathize with their struggles of providing for their family single-handedly and the lack of employment opportunities available. As a solution, we offer flexible scheduling, a compassionate team, and other necessary support for life’s adversities. Our personnel consists of 86% females and of which 40% are single mothers.

We commit to continue supporting single parents and empowering women.


The wellbeing of our employees is a top priority. We want our team to perform service excellence without agonizing the provision of basic needs such as housing and health. We have multiple cases of employees losing their housing due to disasters or escalating their health issues due to a lack of financial resources. As an employee-centric company, we have paid for hospital treatments, donated housings, and have supported our workers through hardships.

We commit to continue serving the wellbeing of our employees not limited to the workplace but, ensure that their basic human needs are completely fulfilled.

Training & Development

Our company has a Training & Development department with skilled instructors as well as occasional guest lecturers who are experts on the relevant subject matter. Our workplace training is a curation of deliberately developed lessons covering all topics necessary to safely and properly perform job tasks. To further develop our employees into successful individuals, we hold regular sessions concerning proper financial planning, emotional intelligence, and a healthy lifestyle.

We commit to continue developing our employees.

Cleaning Products

We assess different products and equipment brands and base our choice on products that guarantee the least water, energy, and chemical consumption. In 2019, we chose product brands that pioneer in the technology of developing environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products.

We commit to continue utilizing eco friendly products and equipments.

Paper Waste

We have organized call to action initiatives encouraging less washroom paper waste by placing informative stickers in restrooms. At our central office, we have encouraged digital communication in order to reduce office paper waste. Some of our successful practices were sending training materials electronically, exchanging and presenting documents strictly through digital methods and recognizing an employee for least paper usage to promote active participation.

We commit to expanding our eco-friendly initiatives and develop more sophisticated ways to measure effectiveness.

Green Development

At our camp management facilities in the Ukhaa Khudag coal mine, we have actualized our Green Development Plan. Our key achievements were the following:

  • Ceased coal burning in Ger Camps completely to reduce carbon emissions
  • Annual corporate tree planting of 80 trees (in representation of our 800 employees)
  • Assortment of waste, increased by 25%
  • Food waste reduced by 15%